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Interceptor PAS68 Gate Crash Test Video

TRL crash test film showing Barkers Fencing’s Interceptor gate with standing the impact of a 7.5 tonne twin-axle truck at 50mph, passing PAS68.

Barriers of all types are used throughout the world to prevent intrusion into restricted areas or retain personnel or goods within restricted areas. At times personnel or goods must enter or leave the restricted areas, resulting in the requirement for at least part of the barrier to be moveable.

Stronguard™ Interceptor is much more that an access control system- the UK’s first surface mounted gate (SMG).

Stronguard™ Interceptor can be installed with foundations required for the fixing bolts of 500mm, meaning installation can be performed with the minimum of disruption to the surrounding areas and underground services.

Hand built and manufactured under one roof, the Stronguard™ Interceptor is constructed from the highest quality materials. Workmanship is quality assured to ISO 9001, with the welding performed to EN287(BS4872). Developed by Barkers Engineering Limited, Stronguard Interceptor was crash tested in association with TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) the purpose of the test was to determine the stopping or restraining potential of the gate when impacted at 90 degrees by a 7.5 tonne twin axle vehicle travelling at 80km/h (50mph) it achieved the following classification.
PAS68:2007: V/7500 (N3) / 80 / 90: 0/0
Crash rated at the TRL test site, the Stronguard™ Interceptor was put through its paces. The purpose of the test was to determine the stopping or restraining potential when impacted at 90 degrees by a 7.5 ton, twin axle vehicle travelling at 80km/h (50mph).

“On impact the vehicle was immobilised by the system with no major parts of the vehicle penetrating past. The gate deformed, as designed, under the impact but remained intact such that no further vehicles could pass.”

The Stronguard™ Interceptor is fully manufactured in the UK, with instant access to expert advice and spare part availability. For the complete security solution, additional gate leaves can be ordered and held in stock for immediate replacement, should the Stronguard™ Interceptor be called into action.

Standard gate height (m)
1.3 metres. Gates can be extended in height to satisfy individual requirements and for added security.

Standard gate widths (m)
3.5 metres, 4.0 metres, 4.5 metres, 5.0 metres, 5.5 metres and 6.0 metres. Non-standard widths are available on request.