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Product Detail

  • Overview
  • Stronguard™ Invicta is a long term permanent perimeter physical security solution. Combined with Stronguard™ maximum security palisade it is a single defensive line rather than two separate fencing lines, saving valuable space.

    Mechanised paving means the system is most appropriate in locations where there is a long perimeter to protect. Although short lengths can easily be constructed. Airfields and airports are obvious examples, but Stronguard™ Invicta will equally protect the perimeters of financial institutions, military installations, cash processing facilities, oil refineries, shipping terminals, power plants, petro-chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, government buildings, chemical plants, fuel storage and distribution depots, sensitive industrial sites, harbours, rail and other major transport hubs where in depth protection is required.

    Stronguard™ Invicta protects infrastructure assets from threats ranging from peaceful protest to terrorist threats. The barrier has been specifically designed to meet the security impact criteria of BSI PAS 68. Stronguard™ Invicta has the ability to stop a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 80km/h (50mph). When combined with a security fencing installation the system offers a single line of high level protection.

  • Benefits
  • • Successfully tested to BSI PAS 688
    • Stopped 7.5 tonne truck at speeds of 64km/h (40mph) and 80km/h (50mph)
    • Residual barrier thwarts follow-on vehicle encroachment
    • Barrier system is tamper resistant
    • Long term permanent perimeter physical security solution requiring minimal maintenance
    • Constructed by licensed installers
    • Mechanised construction process
    • Acts as a supporting structure for lighting and CCTV masts, creating one single security solution
    • Predominantly surface mounted security system
    • Economic and sustainable

  • Advantages
  • • Investing in the future – with the installation of Stronguard™ Invicta you are investing in a long term security solution, to protect for years ahead. The design life is 50 to 100 years.
    • Low maintenance – Concrete is an inherently durable material capable of maintaining its designed engineering properties under conditions of extreme exposure. The barrier will require little or no maintenance, apart from a routine inspection.
    • Protects assets – Stronguard™ Invicta comprises a single high level defensive system for permanent primeter protection, as opposed to the option of separate fencing and vehicle barrier line. It protects assets from a wide spectrum of threats.
    • Experience and expertise – Barkers Fencing has a history of successful concrete barrier installations, in various applications, all installed by highly skilled licensed installers, backed by an independent audit process.
    • Combined system capability – As well as the Stronguard™ Invicta being a stand alone system for your perimeter, you can combine this in a cost effective way with other solutions such as a range of lighting and CCTV masts.
    • Predominately surface mounted design – The Stronguard™ Invicta system is designed as a predominantly surface mounted product allowing it to be installed virtually anywhere on a hardened surface without encroaching on buried services or requiring significant excavation works.
    • Cost effective – Stronguard™ Invicta is a cost effective solution, providing a durable long lasting single barrier solution to your security needs.