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Secure Site Papua New Guinea

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Secure Site Papua New Guinea

11,500m of High Security Stronguard Palisade System

  • 3000mm high;
  • Combined 358 Mesh and Razor wire topping;
  • Sectional areas with 358 internal fabric layer for additional security;
  • 7 x High Security Cantilevered gates (3m wide to 12m Wide double opening);
  • 5 x High Security Pedestrian gates;
  • Secured flood gates across high flow river crossing;
  • Multiple culvert secure crossings;
  • Internal and external patrol road




This project attracted submissions from a group of international recognised and experienced perimeter security companies. From this three companies were selected to submit “fit for purpose” trial systems for independent comparative performance testing.   Vallo Global teamed with Barkers Engineering to submit a specifically engineered and designed high security palisade fence system –Stronguard. The system had to meet minimum penetration and climb resistance criteria, as well as being capable of following the topography that ranged from flat land to 680 slopes. Stronguard outperformed all other competitors systems and was independently chosen to secure this challenging site.


Over 120 20ft containers moved more than 90,000 pales, 4,000 posts, 350, 000 rivets, and 11,500 metres of razor wire were shipped via collapsing dirt roads, through rain forests, to eventually arrive on site in the Papua New Guinean highlands. The site Stronguard was challenged to protect typically had over 1000 intruder incursions every night, and was widely considered as one of the most difficult perimeters to secure in the world.


The project required 11,500m of existing fence system be demolished and replaced with Stronguard, supported by an internal and external patrol road. The installation included:


  • A 680 mountain edge that demanded installation by constructed steps and product/concrete delivery via helicopter;
  • Multiple secured bridge crossings complete with “In-Fill” sections extending down into flood waters (including one way flood gates constructed from Stronguard pales and rails);
  • Sections creating boundary lines between the site and illegal villages complete with mud huts and ad hoc refineries; and
  • Approximately 2500 metres of semi-portable, specially engineered and designed concrete block mounted Stronguard. The portability of the system permits the client to “move” the fence line with expansion and contraction of site works – whilst retaining the high security design


Throughout its entire course, the Stronguard system was required to maintain a maximum penetration gap of 50mm between any two points (including at ground level). Only the flexibility of the StronGuard systems contour following feature met the demanding criteria. Once completed, the Stronguard system was subjected to persistent remote attack with all types of devices, such as underground drill rods and telegraph poles, from hand tools such as axes, machetes, and sledge hammers, and from various vehicles. Stronguard stands strong, reducing intruder incursions to almost zero, and forcing any would be attempts towards unprotected areas.