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StronGuard™ RCS 75 Vehicle Mitigation Palisade 



Completed Installation images courtesy of Barkers


Barkers Engineering, established in 1863 and now one of the UKs largest manufacturers and designers of High Security perimeter systems, approached Network Rail to develop our StronGuard™ RCS PAS68 crash tested palisade to protect sensitive infrastructure on the railway. After several months of discussions, senior engineers from the rail and highway sectors saw a very different use for the system.

Project Details

Wythall Station Road Junction

38m of StronGuard ™ RCS75 Palisade System

  • To look like traditional Palisade fence
  • Special posts to meet demanding ground conditions
  • Reduce the possibility of vehicles encroaching on to rail infrastructure








StronGuard ™ RCS25 Tested to PAS68:2010:2500[NIG]/48/90/0 (Up to 4*4 2.5 tonne vehicle )
StronGuard ™ RCS75 Tested to PAS68:2010:7500[N2]/48/90/30 (7.5 tonne Vehicle) 
Client Requirements

A major issue that faces the highway and rail infrastructure is the threat on a weekly basis of unauthorized vehicle incursion on to the rail infrastructure, both criminal and accidental from the highway.

Barkers StronGuard ™ RCS75 PAS68 crash tested palisade fence, designed and accredited to stop up to a 7.5 ton vehicles traveling at 30MPH, was seen as the solution to help reduce these “accidents”.

After modifying the current basic design to meet our clients operational requirements, which incidentally is not security driven (although our StronGuardpalisade has the added bonus of increasing the security protection for the client) we worked closely with our client’s contractor who was responsible for vegetation clearing, removal of existing fence, traffic management and overall site supervision our first project was undertaken in Nottingham where after a site survey we designed and delivered our StronGuard ™ RCS75 in a timely manner meeting the client expectations. The installation took just 4 days which kept congestion at this busy road junction to a minimum.

The actual project threw up several interesting challenges to our design team as we had several restrictions on what could be connected to the existing infrastructure and the difficulty encountered with the lack of footprint available, but by working with the client these “problems” were overcome by way of innovative design solutions.

“We are pleased with the aesthetic finish of the StronGuard ™ RCS75 which looks like our standard fence whilst affording us the added benefit of the impact system” Senior Engineer Nov 2016

StronGuard ™ PAS68 Testing at Transport Research Laboratory                                                       

Barkers Engineering Limited is part of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC, a worldwide group supporting infrastructure projects. Barkers have supplied many varied CNI (Critical National Infrastructure) projects both home and abroad, from our portfolio of security products which range from LPCB tested fences through to our CPNI BEH accredited StronGuard ™ Palisade systems.

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