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StronGuard™ RCS 75 Vehicle Mitigation Palisade 



Lovell Partnerships is a UK housing developer specialising in new build properties. In 2018, the company was pressing ahead with a £7.5million housing scheme which consisted of 40 apartments and 30 homes in
Wythenshawe. The construction site is in Baguley, a very long, narrow area of land which runs parallel to a live railway cutting.

Lovell Partnerships’ development was to include a new road for residents and visiting traffic, and a community footpath – both of which would be in close proximity to the dangerous railway line.

To secure planning permission, protect their project timelines, Network Rail and Manchester City Council required
a road vehicle mitigation (RVI) solution to be put in place in order to grant planning permission. This would prevent any accidental road vehicle incursion onto the rail infrastructure – protecting assets, property and most importantly,
human welfare.

Network Rail of whom we’ve been providing with perimeter security solutions for many years specified StronGuard˜RCS as the best solution to mitigate the risk of road vehicle incursion in this instance.

StronGuardRCS™ palisade fencing system ticked off all the planning permission requirement boxes in terms of safety, and only needed the space of a standard perimeter palisade fence, so also met Network Rail’s regulations. 

The StronGuardRCS™ was galvanized and powder coated at Barkers’ manufacturing facility in Stoke-on-Trent and delivered to site. This solution succeeded in mitigating the risk of accidental road vehicle incursion onto the railway as set out as a requirement by the Department for Transport and helped Lovell Partnerships to secure the planning permission which would allow them to start construction work in a safe manner, with complete peace of mind that all regulations are met.

StronGuardRCS™ also makes for an imposing barrier, deterring people from climbing or vandalising the fencing and ultimately protecting their safety.